Tesla: Dynamo

Working directly with the leadership team, I led the design of Dynamo from concept to development. My goal was to create a dynamic new proposal tool to increase customer engagement and solar conversion.


The sales team typically relied on a number of home made presentation materials to use when selling. Therefore, messaging was inconsistent and at times misleading or easily misunderstood. Tesla needed to provide thousands of its sales people nationwide with a tool that not only enabled them to convert better but also employ best practices to protect its customers.


In order to understand what actually happens in the field, I interviewed a number of salespeople and participated in some ride-alongs.

I designed the initial paradigm of the solution as a series of slides optimized for a tablet screen and can be left with the customer.

I worked closely with the product and marketing teams to design and produce dynamic content to clearly communicate a number of complex topics which typically become hurdles in the process.


The new proposal tool was well received by the sales team.

Tesla was able to deliver clear and consistent messaging to its customers and conversion increased.

Tesla was able to gather feedback from the field, iterate, and release updates.


How it Works

I used illustrations and simple animations to explain how solar works throughout various times of day – and how topics like Solar Credits and Net Metering affect consumer savings.


Factors at Play

I created interactive graphs to demonstrate how things like the configuration of the roof, shading from trees, size of the household, and even vacations can significantly affect overall solar production and savings.


Decision Paralysis

Going solar is a considered purchase. I explored ways to help customers evaluate their financing options such as clear comparison tables and interacive decision trees.


Sales reps selling Tesla/Scty solar and batteries nationwide. Customers looking to get residential solar.

My roles

I led the product design. I managed a small design team. I helped code CSS/HTML.

In the wild

Dynamo requires a login and is used by Tesla's sales team to present and propose a solution to customers looking to go solar. You can access a limited version of Dynamo as it is today: https://dynamo.solarcity.com/proposal