I felt that the existing options for organizing events online were lacking so I created Papercut as an alternative.


Minimal time, energy, and resources. As a personal side-project, I was only able to allocate a couple of hours per day at most. As a self-funded project, I can only engage the help of an offshore developer for a very limited amount of time each week. After launch, I would need a way to get users with zero budget for marketing. As a start-up, I would need to design it as a business.


I started by focusing on core features. An organizer must be able to easily create events and manage a guest list. Guests must be able to access the information and RSVP. With this as a framework I evolved the design.

I designed the app to optimize its viral component. Organizers can allow guests to invite their friends, and friends of friends, and so on. This would alleviate the lack of marketing resources.

As a market differentiator, I designed the experience to be very visual by giving the organizer the ability to showcase their event by applying or customizing a theme.


Within a year I was able to launch an initial release. Six months of user feedback and iterations after that it was ready for the general audience.


Eventful individuals looking to showcase their events and engage their guests. Guests invited by event organizers.

My roles

Founder, designer, project manager, UI coder.

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