Mosaic: Tap

I led the design of the point-of-sale app from initial concept to development. As a product designer, my goal was to build for conversion an app that works on any device and requires little to no instructions to use.


The existing sales tool was great in its time and elevated the company to its initial success. However, it lacked a holistic experience and was considered high friction compared to current standards. It lacked a responsive interface that made it difficult to access on mobile devices which is what the majority of its users had. It lacked in transparency and therefore did not engender trust - the most important element in a sales conversation.


We decided to build an entirely new app for the ground up using more modern technologies. I argued to use web technologies knowing that it would be a huge benefit for the customer to have the ability to access and perform their own pre-qualification and signing.

Home improvement is a new market for Mosaic so we sought the help of domain experts and contractors to understand the challenges. Their insights into the business allowed us to identify and understand the problems.

As I sketched out potential solutions, I engaged folks from engineering and product teams to help flesh out concepts. At times, building a proof-of-concept was needed to validate an idea.

As the static designs came together, I created a simple, clickable, prototype that was useful for getting stakeholder sign-offs as well as for gathering feedback from real-world contractors.

With the use of a UI framework, I was able to help in the development of the UI and apply the final visual design in the code.


In contrast to the existing sales tool, the new point-of-sale app has way fewer steps, allows for convenient data entry, is much more secure, and a delight to use.

In comparison, the existing tool took days to go from 'lead to loan signing' and averaged 3.5 hours to go from 'approval to signing'. The point-of-sale app does it all in 2.5 minutes.

As a customer-facing experience, it challenged the design to achieve a higher level of simplicity and trust, as well as set the organization up for more direct-to-consumer sales channels in the future.

The calculator centered around a target monthly payment which allowed sales reps to easily illustrate how financing works and provide real-time estimates with each itemized costs.

The general non-linearity built into the app allowed sales reps to choose where to start based on what stage the conversation with the customer happens to be.



I designed a native app experience built for the web to take advantage of the best of both worlds. Sales reps have the ability to quickly launch the app from their mobile home screens and have the customer get financing on the spot. If the customer isn't ready to sign just yet the rep can easily send Tap to the customer, and the customer can pick it right where they left off on their own device. Never any need to download a native app.


Home improvement installers providing financing options to their customers. Customers looking to finance their home improvement project with a loan.

My roles

I led the product design. I managed a small design team. I helped code CSS/HTML.

In the wild

Tap is Mosaic's point-of-sale app which requires you to be a partner home improvement contractor in order to use. You can access the Tap financing app here: