Mosaic: Magnes

I helped redesign the system by taking the existing partner application process from a complex, multi-step, manual workflow into a light and friendly app that enabled instant decisioning at scale.


Installers who want to offer Mosaic financing to their customers must apply to become a partner. This requires them to submit a bunch of information about themselves and their business which Mosaic manually reviews and verifies in order to return a decision. On average, a decision took over a month, hindering Mosaic’s ability to scale its business.


The solution would require changing how parts of the business worked. Some workflows and procedures needed to be automated. I worked with various stakeholders in the organization to help distill the number of operations down to a minimum and introduce new operations to minimize risk.

We wanted the application to feel simple enough to do "while standing in line waiting for coffee" so I decided to use a card stack that's easy to flip through. Each card only focused on one set of information to help the applicant understand and process it better. The workflow is friendly and forgiving, allowing the applicant to continue the process later across any device, or share it with other roles in their organization for completion.

Capturing complete and accurate information is critical, so we engaged a small group of real-world users to provide feedback through several UI iterations.


A streamlined application, setup, and on-boarding flow lowered the barrier and significantly increased the number of partners steadily month after month.

What used to take an average of 39 days was reduced down to 8 days, and with some additional service optimizations to come, decisioning will happen in one sitting.

Significantly reducing the wait time allowed Mosaic to immediately introduce prospective partners to the tools and services it offers, allowing them to see the benefits right away.


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Business owners looking to extend their business by offering financing to their customers. Admins looking to onboard and manage their reps or installers.

My roles

I led the product design. I managed a small design team. I helped code CSS/HTML.

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