Mosaic: Bauhaus

I designed and developed Bauhaus as a proof-of-concept / prototype to demonstrate the potential of developing a modern application as a market differentiator.


With no design team and all engineering resources allocated to supporting the existing aging sales portal, the organization was unable to explore new modern approaches to a growing solar market.

My challenge was to show them, not just tell them.


I scraped up a tiny budget from Mosaic to hire a couple of offshore developers to help me produce the concept. I was able to find two from the Ukraine with the right experience at the right price.

I designed every aspect of the application and produced specification in a development platform that's already familiar to the developers. I described the design and the functionality in very basic terms in order to manage the language gap.

I chose to build the prototype in a programming language that would allow us to reuse components in the future if we were to move forward with an actual build.

Not having enough budget for a UI developer, I set myself up to have the ability to access and contribute in the development process. I applied much of the UI and visual design myself in code.


With this prototype, I avoided having to ask stakeholders to “imagine this and that”, rather I asked them to interact with it directly in the device they would normally use.

The prototype helped convince the leadership team of the value it could bring. It also allowed the organization to reach out to its business partners and gather their impressions – all very positive.

The prototype inspired Mosaic's internal team, which led to the formation of an "Experience" engineering group and the hiring of more UI-oriented front-end developers.


Social Proof

Market research showed that seeing your neighbors get solar is effective in conversion. In this segment of the app we used real customer data to illustrate how solar is no longer a radical idea, rather, "everyone is doing it".

The prospective customer is then able to further zoom in using Google Map sattelite and street views and have a conversation with the sales rep about their particular house, the type of roof, and a number of issues which may affect their solar system such as the direction the roof is facing and any obstructions which may cause shading.


Internal stakeholders. Senior leadership. Board.

My roles

Instigator, designer, project manager, UI coder.