Recent work

Point-of-sale app

MOSAIC : TAP — Best-in-class, simple, fast, and secure point-of-sale mobile web app for home improvement contractors offering clean energy solutions.

Production-ready prototype

MOSAIC : BAUHAUS — Fully interactive solar proposal prototype designed for salesteams as well as a stand-alone experience for prospective customers.

Partner application & onboarding

MOSAIC : MAGNES — Fast and friendly partnership application and on-boarding designed for instant decisioning and maximizing point-of-sale utilization.

Dynamic custom proposal

TESLA : DYNAMO — Sales presentation and custom proposal tool designed to engage and demystify complex topics around residential solar.

Event showcasing & RSVP

PAPERCUT — Alternative service to event management tools online for people looking to host an event and manage a guest list.

Location sharing app

FLARE — A social app centered around real-time location sharing and chat between friends.

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