Ericson deJesus
designer + entrepreneur
short bio
Product concept, development, and user experience. Best drawer in class since kindergarten. Studied traditional fine arts/illustration and a professional background in graphic design and digital media. Four years at frog design, one of the world's leading strategic/creative consulting firms, leading teams on projects ranging from branding to usability and specializing on larger application systems. Three years with the Yahoo! User Experience Design group as a design manager across broadband and community properties. Founded Crusher in 2006, an independent online invitation service out of my living room. Co-founded Particle Programmatica, Inc. in 2008, a product foundry and a design/tech consulting shop focused on web standards for brands such as Google, Apple, Motorola, Amazon, Yahoo!, and Sony —acquired by Apple in 2012 where I took on a Creative Technologist role within the Creative Services team in Cupertino. In 2015 I worked with SolarCity's software group to develop web based tools to lower cost of customer acquisition and increase conversion. In 2016 I joind Mosaic, a small fast-growing clean energy/solar financing company.

companies & employment
MOSAIC Director, User Experience Design
SOLARCITY Director, Acquisition Experience
Worked with the CTO to conceive, design, and develop solutions that enable the company to lower COA and scale the business across the US and international. Assembling a massively small UX/front-end team alongside software engineering to develop web-based tools and content with engaging interactive experiences.
APPLE Creative Technologist
Cupertino, CA 2012 —2013
Explored and developed innovative ways to evolve the internal development process. Worked to develop and communicate best practices for mobile interactive ads to ad agency creatives.
PARTICLE Founder / UX & Design
San Francisco / Venice Beach, CA 2008 —2012
Particle Programmatica Inc. is a privately funded product foundry in San Francisco inventing products for the electric internet.
CRUSHER Founder / UX & Design
San Francisco, CA 2006 —2008
Product concept, feature definition, interface and visual design of an event invitation service focused on brand presentation and customization.
YAHOO Design Mgr / Senior Designer, User Experience Design
Sunnyvale, CA 2003 —2006
Worked as part of an interdisciplinary matrixed user experience design team comprising visual design, design management, web development and user experience research where I focused on broadband and community products.
FROG DESIGN Design Mgr / Senior Designer, Digital Media Group
San Francisco, CA 1999 —2003
Led a variety of client projects to design enterprise software applications, corporate websites, and rich media interfaces. Managed a small design team for frogs internal Bizwerk application.

rooting for
San Francisco, CA 2014
San Francisco, CA 2013
San Francisco, CA 2013

side projects
Venice Beach, CA 2013
Flare is a new take on social presence.
San Francisco, CA 2011
An experiment in social media theater.
San Francisco, CA 2010
A trailer film festival for movies that don't yet exist.